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As human society ventures into space, enabled by science and technology, we also carry with us all that makes us human.

Artemis Music Entertainment Inc. has origins working with NASA to develop astronomically inspired music and entertainment supporting its Artemis Moon-Mars program. We continue to advance the connectivity of space, music and entertainment media with socially conscious technologies supporting and enabling a new era of music and entertainment industry commercial access to outer space.

Artemis Space Network is a space-based globally accessible commercial platform for music and entertainment media that will enable partnerships with artists, producers, creators, and curators to connect musical and artistic works to the inspiration, perspective and opportunity of outer space. Combined with blockchain technology that preserves the uniqueness and provenance of underlying rights and intellectual property, the Artemis Space Network will allow the creation and transmission of space-flown creative works that directly connects creators, fans, and collectors anywhere in the world.




On July 28th, 2021, we beamed the first NFT Music and Artwork to the International Space Station.

For our first test transmission of the Artemis Space Network to the International Space Station (ISS), we beamed a specially commissioned performance of Debussy's timeless masterpiece Clair de Lune ('Moonlight'). Traveling approximately 125,000 miles through space including a full orbit around the Earth, passing over many countries and much of the Earth's population with embedded messages of hope, unity, peace and beauty. The space-flown music was beamed back down to Earth for minting into a unique one-of-one NFT that will be made available for purchase on Notables, a highly curated NFT marketplace created by The Forest Road Company (Forest Road), with proceeds supporting the empowerment of young artists, creators, and musicians through the Artemis Music Foundation.

Included in the network test was a specially created artwork by Micah Johnson based on his aspirational digital character Aku, a young Black boy who dreams of becoming an astronaut, becoming the first-ever NFT artwork to reach outer space. "Why Not Me" was  listed for sale on Notables on August 10th and sold the next day for $60K, with net proceeds going to the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS), a non-profit international student organization that promotes space exploration and development through STEM projects.

The Artemis Space Network ISS node is made possible through our partnership with Nanoracks, a leading global provider of commercial space services that provided the first permanent, privately owned and funded, commercial infrastructure to the International Space Station. The company’s “Bishop” airlock, attached to the ISS in December 2020, was the host of the Clair de Lune and special artwork digital payloads as they orbited Earth following transmission from the Nanoracks mission control center in Houston, Texas.

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This special rendition of Debussy's Clair de Lune (‘Moonlight’), commissioned by Artemis Music LLC and performed by internationally renowned pianist Wing-Chong Kam, was beamed into space and orbited the Earth aboard the International Space Station on July 28th, 2021, in commemoration of the timeless beauty of Claude Debussy's masterpiece and in celebration of the unity of music for all humankind.

The cosmic perspective of space inspires a cognitive shift in humans. Debussy’s Clair de Lune perhaps comes as close as possible to stirring the emotions of awe and wonder experienced by space travelers. 

The universe is full of music, and we humans are learning how to use music to not only understand the science of the universe, but to grasp our place in it.

“Music is what happens in the space between the notes.”

  • Claude Debussy

For the world. Enjoy.

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In the first ever transmission of commercial NFT files into space, the original NFT artwork “Why Not Me” containing the aspirational character ‘Aku’ created by renowned artist Micah Johnson was beamed up to the International Space Station (ISS) and back to Earth on July 28th as part of a commercial communications test performed for the Artemis Space Network, operated by Artemis Music LLC of Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The digital NFT source files were beamed into space from Houston, Texas, and relayed by a constellation of satellites to commercial servers resident aboard the International Space Station. Following authentication of the files in Earth orbit, they were then transmitted back down to Earth and relayed back to the mission control center, and minted as authenticated NFT’s. The total journey of the NFT files was approximately 125,000 miles including a full Earth orbit.

“Why Not Me” was sold on the Notables platform on August 11th for ~$60K with net proceeds going to ’Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)’, a non-profit student led international organization promoting and enabling youth involvement in space inspired STEM education and research. 



Artemis Music Entertainment is advancing a new era of music and entertainment industry connectivity with outer space utilizing socially conscious technologies to empower artists, songwriters, musicians and creators.



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